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Poker Dos and Don’ts for Rookies

Poker is a game most casino-goers love. In fact casinos take a lot of precautions to prevent cheating and give fair chance to all players. Some even have Poker Scanning System to predict the results.

If you ever want to try playing poker in a land-based casino there are certain things you will have to be aware of, before you approach the table.


Be Polite

Chatting between the games shouldn’t be that much of a problem. However, you need to make sure this communication is fair, clean, and friendly. Make sure you don’t psych your opponents by trying to upset them or lying about your cards. If your opponents appreciate your light chatter, you can expect to be begrudged lesser than usual if they happen to lose to you.

Be Clear While Stating Your Bet

Being ambiguous while stating bets is something you might have seen in movies. However, in real life, you will have to fold, call or raise. It is illegal in poker to raise after calling.

Handle Your Cards with Care

You need to be very careful while handling cards in a casino. You have to take care not to bend, mark, or tear them. Spilling your drink on them is a strict No-No. Even if you do this unknowingly, it might be considered as a cheating technique that might get you disqualified.  

Hide Your Cards from Other Players

Always hide your cards from others, even if there are your friends sitting across your table. Showing cards is considered illegal in Poker. Refrain from revealing your cards while you fold and throw them into the muck.


Don’t Play Out of Turn

If you are sitting on the left of the dealer, you get to post the small blind. The one sitting on your left will post the big blind. The betting has to proceed clockwise from here. You cannot bet out of turn while playing poker. Not only will this end up ruining the flow of the game, it will also affect the strategies of the other players. You can even get disqualified by doing so.

Don’t Delay the Game

At times you may want to take a moment to think about your next play. Or you may want to watch the other players to judge their moves. While a little bit of this is fine, you can’t keep delaying a game by daydreaming or ordering drinks. Make sure you are not being overly indecisive.

Don’t Ask to See Mucked Cards

Although you are allowed to see a called hand, it may not be right to do so. In fact if you do so, you can actually collaborate with your friends to cheat on your opponent.

Gamesmanship or sportsmanship is very important in Poker, as in any other game. Make sure you walk away with dignity, whether you win or lose.