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Learn to Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is one of the fastest growing games in the world.  There are so many advantages over playing land based bingo in a hall.  Firstly and most importantly is the convenience of online bingo as you play from the comfort of your own home, at any time that fits in with your schedule, and for the amount of time that suits you.  After working all day why would you want to go out on at night to catch up with friends?  Wouldn’t you prefer to be relaxing at home, in your comfy clothes and yet still meet up with  [ Read More ]

Bingo Tips & Secrets

Tip 1: Bingo is a game of chance – all games use a Random Number Generator. This means that any number has just as much chance as coming out each time, as all other numbers. Tip 2: Ensure to check our online bingo site reviews to find a site that is right for you. If you play on one site and don’t feel it’s quite right, use our reviews to find another that gets your attention – there is no point playing on a site that isn’t great fun. Look for one that excites you, one that makes you feel  [ Read More ]

History of Bingo Games

The game of Bingo was first called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” in Italy in the 16th century where the game used cards that had 3 rows and 9 columns (90 ball), and was played as a lottery.  Since that time the game has been played there almost every Saturday to this day. Bingo gained popularity with the elite in France in the late 18th century where itwas called “Le Lotto”.  The game moved into Germany in the 1800′s and it was used as an educational game for children. By the late 19th century the game had moved across the Atlantic into  [ Read More ]

If you wish to play bingo with out risking any of your own hard earned cash, you surprisingly have numerous choices. Free bingo is a massive business and presently there are literally a bunch of websites that offer free bingo games with real money prizes. There are a number of different free bingo game types, in the following article i’ll focus on each of them. The main sort of free bingo offer is the free bingo games with real cash rewards. Lots of internet sites have got “free bingo rooms” which supply games with hard cash rewards but don’t need  [ Read More ]

How You Can Win Cash At Online Bingo

Bingo is a superb activity. It is beloved as well as appreciated by lots of people globally. Even so, a number of people take it a great deal more seriously than others. Individuals who take bingo seriously are usually more prone to win than others who don’t. The thing is that, there are lots of stuff that you’re able to do to improve the chances of you succeeding at bingo. This information aims to present you my top tips pertaining to winning at bingo. To begin with, experience is essential. The more experience you get the better you happen to  [ Read More ]

Internet bingo is a well-liked chance centered game which goes back more than 100 years. It was first enjoyed all through Europe and quickly spread its way over the pond to The usa right after World War 2. During this time period the global financial system was in a depression and several sorts of entertainment were struggling. However, during this time period bingo exploded globally. Old cinemas were transformed into bingo halls and bingo nights ended up being one of the most popular hobbies through the Nineteen fifties. Nonetheless, presently bingo has suffered a slight down turn due to the  [ Read More ]