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Bingo Tips & Secrets

Tip 1:

  • Bingo is a game of chance – all games use a Random Number Generator. This means that any number has just as much chance as coming out each time, as all other numbers.

Tip 2:

  • Ensure to check our online bingo site reviews to find a site that is right for you. If you play on one site and don’t feel it’s quite right, use our reviews to find another that gets your attention – there is no point playing on a site that isn’t great fun. Look for one that excites you, one that makes you feel good, one where you feel comfortable chatting, one with a great social and interactive online bingo community, and where you absolutely have fun!

Tip 3:

  • Check your favourite site for promotions on offer to give yourself chances of winning in other ways. Some sites offer competitions to win prizes, or if you make a deposit on certain dates you could win cash money, or celebration related promotions, eg. Mothers Day, Christmas, etc.

Tip 4:

  • Play at quiet times or off peak – less people playing on an online bingo site means a higher likelihood of you winning.

Tip 5:

  • Only play what you can afford – have a preset limit before you start playing.

Tip 6:

  • When you play online bingo have fun! A positive frame of mind will not only mean the game will offer more enjoyment, but the balls you need are more likely to appear. Negative thoughts and emotions always seem to transform and attract unlucky cards.

Tip 7:

  • Take advantage of the loyalty or rewards programmes on offer. Free cards, cash and access to special promotions or jackpots are just some of the things on offer. As with all great programmes, the more you spend, the more free goodies you get.

Tip 8:

  • Give yourself a better chance by playing multiple online bingo cards in one game, more cards translates to a higher chance of winning. It is much more exciting watching your numbers called when you are watching a number of cards.

Tip 9:

  • Playing online bingo is not only fabulous fun but also an excellent workout for your brain. It stimulates the brain pathways for concentration, memory and reflexes. Research has proven that this type of activity significantly improves your brain’s ability to function in these areas, and slows decline in memory, concentration and alertness.

Tip 10:

  • How much fun is online bingo? We all know how much fun! It is the fastest growing online game. So why not enhance your experience by getting your friends to have a go for a real fun filled game. Just imagine how fun it will be chatting with people you actually know.

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